How To Live Our Best Life

June, 2019

All 4 Scientific Papers Merged in 1: The Science of Happiness & Emotions.

To give a choice to readers and publishers I have given two options: either a shorter version of ...


Scientific Paper 4: Personalities Improvised Resulting in Emotional Pain & New Therapy.

Abstract: The Fundamental Principle of the Dynamics of Emotions (FPDE, see Barnat, 2019a) is the basis of a ...


Scientific Paper 3: A happy personality depends mostly on YOUR THOUGHTS, NOT your genetics.

Abstract: Happiness is one of the most profound desires and purposes of human life. Many have tried to ...


Scientific Paper 2: Clarify the confusion around “emotions” and “feelings”.

Abstract: Darwin was one of the first major scientific work on human emotions. He only listed few of ...


Scientific Paper 1: The Fundamental Principles of Happiness and Emotions.

Abstract: The Fundamental Principle of Dynamics of Newton was a revolution for physics, not many theories managed to ...


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