Happiness is one of the most profound desires and purposes of human life. Many have tried to solve the mystery of happiness from philosophers thousands of years ago to psychologists more recently. Many made significant progress but no one managed to come to a satisfying theory explaining in a concise and complete way the dynamics of happiness. A main barrier in the current scientific literature explains why this has not been discovered before: a paradigm that has long dominated psychology concerning happiness. It is the dangerous paradigm attributing 50% to 100% in other studies of happiness to genetics. 50 or 100%? Incoherent conclusions forecasting cracks in the theory of Set Point of Well Being as announced by Headey. Simply the collapse of theories based on extrapolation of data by scientists over enthusiastic about genetics.

It is dangerous to mislead people to think they can’t change their happiness level because it is mainly due to genetics, risking them to abandon and condemning them to unhappiness by creating limiting beliefs of an incapacity to change. Another article bring the solution to this major problem it is called the “Fundamental Principles of the Dynamics of Emotions” (FPDE, Barnat, 2019a), obviously including happiness. It is the missing piece to achieve to destroy the dangerous paradigm attributing happiness to genetics that we as scientists have all a responsibility to stop propagating as it is wrongly misleading people to think they mainly can’t do anything about their happiness and risking a self-fulfilling prophecy.


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Article #3 – Samy BARNAT – A happy personality depends mostly on your thoughts not your genetics