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About Me

My name is Samy Barnat. I have been an independent and multidisciplinary researcher in human sciences for 10 years now. Independent and multidisciplinary are two keys words important to understand my work. An independent research brings outside of the box thinking. A multi-disciplinary background (psychology, politics, economics, philosophy…) gives a rare global vision that many experts lack. Both precious to find global solutions to the global crises we face. Indeed most scientists have been working in silos isolating the different disciplines social and non-social. But reality is one and all these disciplines interconnected. For example, the science of emotions interact with the rest of cognition and society to form happy or suffering personalities. To be happy you need to understand yourself but also society and even broader your ecosystem. Because happiness requires to live in a way that causes no regrets later on. And you can do that only if you have a knowledge broad enough. For example, if you consume anything without worrying about the consequences to find out later that the food you consumed caused you or your kids a cancer you will be full of regrets… Concerning my educational background, I have multiple graduations: social sciences especially psychology, philosophy, politics but also engineering. Many people don’t understand the value of philosophy. In your opinion why two philosophers Adam Smith and Karl Marx created the two systems that dominated the modern world? If philosophy has no value? On the contrary, philosophy is the art of interrogating the deepest questions about human life with maximum skepticism to find the most solid foundations possible to live our lives. Any serious scientist also knows that the ancestor of human sciences for thousands of years was philosophy and that a lot of the theories of psychology were taken from philosophy until very recently with the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) inspired by Stoic Philosophy which is in fact a Rational and Cognitive Psychotherapy. Concerning my degree in engineering, it gave me a unique perspective to combine engineering with human sciences, like others before me also did to be more creative indeed many concepts of psychology are analogies from mechanics: resilience, psychological structures…

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