The Fundamental Principle of Dynamics of Newton was a revolution for physics, not many concise small set of equations had such a high impact on science. Psychology is in great need of such a powerful concision, this article aims to bring such a Newtonian revolution. The masterpiece of this new paradigm is called the Fundamental Principle of the Dynamics of Emotions (FPDE) which gives powerful simple explanations of the mechanisms of all emotions including happiness and the therapeutic role of laugh. A questionnaire has showed that 93% of people interrogated agree with the explanations given by the FPDE. Two main barriers in the current scientific literature collapse as a result. First barrier: the dangerous paradigm from Lykken and al. attributing 50% of happiness to genetics and 100% in other studies. 50 or 100? Incoherent conclusions forecasting cracks in the theory of Set Point of Well Being as announced by Headey, simply the result of extrapolation of data by scientists over enthusiastic about genetics.

It is dangerous to condemn people to unhappiness by creating limiting beliefs that they can’t change their happiness level because it is mainly due to genetics and mislead them to abandon. Second barrier: the current paradigm around emotions went into the wrong direction with some scientists confused between feelings and emotions now listing tens of thousands of emotions in disagreement with Ekman and Darwin. After thousands of years to this essential question for humanity the basis of the science of happiness is finally completely and clearly explained.


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Article #4 – Samy BARNAT – All Four Articles Merged in One The Science of Happiness and Emotions