Protect Yourself and Those You Love.
Be the Solution.

Based on science and facts, this book explain how you can be the solution to the big crises we will face to cover our basic needs.

It is just a question of time before the next economic crisis. The last economic crisis resulted in millions unemployed, the next one will be worst especially with the robots slowly replacing around half of all jobs and so much inflation that the government will not be able to save us. But you (we) can be the solution, it starts with each one of us doing her/his part.

In the coming years, we will all directly suffer from climate change in one way or another, including our kids and grandkids. Climate change has started to kill hundreds of thousands through heat, flooding, hurricanes… But the worst is only starting climate change decreases food production especially added to soil destruction, so our future will be a lack of food and water which can create wars. The worst-case scenario could lead to human extinction, as it did 250 million years ago when 96% of species died because of gases released following a very high level of global warming caused by volcanoes’ CO2 emissions. But you (we) can be the solution, it starts with each one of us doing her/his part.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, banks steal from us, while so many don’t even have decent food or healthcare… Corrupted politicians pretend to care about what you think to get elected, but science proved they really care about what the richest push them to do through lobbying. The truth: we live in a false democracy. But you (we) can be the solution.

We face a risk of a new pandemic far worse than COVID-19. COVID-19 spread through globalization, because, with so much international travel, especially by planes, infectious diseases can spread fast and far. In the past, without planes, the Black Death killed up to 60% of the population of Europe! That’s hundreds of times more than COVID-19! We could have a new virus similar to the Black Death, but, with planes and globalization, no doubt this could mean death for you and your family before we find a vaccine. But you (we) can be the solution.

Politicians almost started a nuclear war without our authorization! Are we going to wait that someone to actually start a war before trying to change the system? It will be too late! But you (we) can be the solution.

There is a very high risk for our system to collapse when we reach the end of oil reserves. Most of the food we eat is produced and transported with oil. No oil, not enough food. Renewable electricity is ridiculously low in density, hydrogen is not a source, nuclear fusion does not work, nuclear fission has major obstacles to be scaled… All these alternative energies will be useful but very far from enough to sustain our current way of life. How do you eat if the system collapses, even partially ? You (we) can be the solution.

So many other crises: police violence, new diseases caused by pollution, overpopulation, and so on. But you (we) can be the solution.

These crises (depending on which one) already hurt us, will hurt us or could hurt us sooner or later. Let’s not be narrow-minded; we all thought covid was impossible, but it happened. Mainstream media are really bad at preparing us for the future because they are focused on what is sensational and happening now.

There is an alternative system in which you can lead towards a solution to all these crises. Does it sound impossible? Left versus right is destructive; you will learn why we need a new decentralized system to end ecological crises, economic crises, and health crises… This book proves that it is possible based on referenced science and facts.

Protect Yourself and Those You Love. Be the Solution.