The Fundamental Principle of the Dynamics of Emotions (FPDE, see Barnat, 2019a) is the basis of a revolution concerning the dynamics of emotions, happiness, stress, the therapeutic role of laugh, how humans unconsciously form unhealthy personalities and the basis to heal. It gives powerful simple explanations of the mechanisms of all emotions including happiness. This article take the consequences of the FPDE to the construction of personalities. It shows that starting from a feeling or parents imitation humans can construct unhealthy personalities like “be perfect”, “be the best”… Explaining why so many people are chronically unhappy simply because the desires at the basis of their personalities can only lead to regular emotional suffering because they are impossible to constantly be fulfilled. Indeed we all do mistakes so a personality based on the desire to “be perfect” will as explained by the FPDE make us suffer regularly, same for “be the best”, “be loved by everyone”… 

The famous neuorsis, schizophrenia and many other mental illnesses described by psychoanalysis without deep explanations of the cause finally find an explanation here. And it gives a cognitive explanation: emotions result from a comparison between perceived reality and desires (FPDE). It is the first brick laying down the foundations to construct a new unifying paradigm for psychology bringing all together cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviourism and personality psychology… After thousands of years to this essential question for humanity the basis of the science of happiness is finally completely and clearly explained.


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Article #3 – Samy BARNAT – Personalities improvised Resulting in Emotional Pain New Therapy EHPD