The Fundamental Principle of Dynamics of Newton was a revolution for physics, not many theories managed to have such a high impact on science with a concise small set of equations. Psychology is in great need of such a powerful concision and this article aims to bring such a Newtonian revolution concerning the dynamics of emotions, happiness, stress, the therapeutic role of laugh, how humans unconsciously form unhealthy personalities and the basis to heal.


The masterpiece of this new paradigm is called the Fundamental Principle of the Dynamics of Emotions (FPDE) which gives powerful simple explanations of the mechanisms of all emotions including happiness. A questionnaire has showed that 93% of people interrogated agree with the explanations given by this principle (FPDE). After thousands of years to this essential question for humanity the basis of the science of happiness is finally completely and clearly explained. It is the first brick laying down the foundations to construct a new unifying paradigm for psychology bringing all together cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviourism and personality psychology…


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Article #1 – Samy BARNAT – The Fundamental Principles of Happiness and Emotions